ACT Prep Critical Reading Resources

ACT Prep Resources, Test Info, Practice Packets, Videos, and Supplemental Worksheets

ACT Compass Critical Reading Practice Passages

Work-through packet with several practice passages and answer keys.



ACT Test Frenzy

Contains official ACT website quizzes, critical reading practice tests, and SAT Reading Tests.

Glencoe SAT/ACT Test Preparation Workbook

Work-through packet with several practice passages and answer keys. Includes 6 Critical Reading Practice Passages, English Practice, and Writing Practice.



Several online practice passages and answer keys. The site even allows you the option of selecting different types of passages to target your specific areas of weakness.

Critical Reading Sample Test Questions Booklet

Includes information for the four sample passages (Prose, Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science), content, practice passages, sample questions, and answer keys.


ACT-SAT Prep Critical Reading Strategies

Provides efficient strategies for how to break down the Critical Reading section.