Back to School Need to Knows

Written by Faith Brachelli
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Back to School Need to Knows

Going to school is a stressful time, but it’s also an exciting one. Regardless of whether you’re in middle school, high school, or college, the beginning of the school year is a time full of many emotions. Because of those emotions, it can be pretty easy to get lost, so let’s go back to basics here for a little bit.

The most important thing to do before going back to school is do everything you can to be prepared. Before going back to school, make sure you have all of the supplies you need. Just the basics will be a good starting point: pens, pencils, some notebooks, or a binder and loose leaf. I strongly recommend having a planner as well because let’s face it, life gets a bit crazy during the school year, and it’s nice to have all of your plans in one place.

When going into a fresh school year, one should always be motivated. Motivated to do well, motivated to try new things, and motivated to do better than you did in previous years. It’s easy to be motivated in the beginning of the school year, but it’s much more difficult to stay motivated through the year, and if you can stay motivated, you will go places.

Organization is key when it comes to pretty much everything, and school is certainly no exception. It’s important to keep organized because if you don’t you end up forgetting about a test or a deadline, or you make overlapping plans, and that’s never good. There’s many different methods of keeping your notes organized, and even more methods of keeping your plans organized. Try a few different methods and see which one works best for you.

Don’t stress too much about school. It’s good to stress a little bit, that shows you care. However, too much stress is bad for your health, both mental and physical. Be prepared, stay organized, make time have fun, and you’ll be fine. School can be hard sometimes, it’s always good to be challenged, but school should be fun! Work hard, play hard.

Back to School Checklist

  1. Pens and pencils
  2. Notebooks or binder and paper
  3. A day planner
  4. Some clothes you feel confident in
  5. Lots of coffee
  6. A hefty amount of motivation
  7. The ambition to be better than you were before
  8. Something to de-stress yourself (a hobby, a dog to cuddle, whatever floats your boat)

About the Author: Faith is a writer, director, photographer, and lover of dogs. If you’d like to read more of Faith’s writing, check out her work in the Bucks County Courier Times Reality section.