How to Stay Motivated

Written by Faith Brachelli
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How to Stay Motivated

Motivation: one word with a simple definition. Seems simple enough, right? Stay motivated. Stay motivated to do well in your classes, stay motivated to get assignments done on time. Just stay motivated.

Funny enough and as simple as it sounds, motivation is extremely difficult; difficult to get up the motivation, and difficult to maintain the motivation. As difficult as it may be, motivation is truly the key to doing well in school. Here are a few tips to get motivated and stay motivated.

  1. Stop complaining. Everyone gets it, you have a lot of work to do, maybe you have a job too, life is tough and busy. But everyone’s life is tough and busy. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t reserve the right to complain every now and then, but you can’t keep putting up roadblocks for yourself.
  2. Don’t make excuses. Simple as that, quit saying you’ll do it tomorrow and do it today. Do it right now.
  3. Get your blood pumping. Take a cold shower, or go for a walk. Have a mini dance party, do something, anything to get yourself going.
  4. Have an awesome playlist. It sounds stupid, but it’s effective. Make a playlist of music that gets you really hype, maybe a playlist you listen to at the gym.
  5. Have a mantra. Something you say to yourself when the going gets tough. Repeat it to yourself, over and over again.
  6. Be inspired by what you’re doing. It’s difficult to love all of your schoolwork, that’s understandable. Find the one topic you love, and use that as your reward.
  7. Have something to look forward to. Maybe reward yourself when you’re done everything you need to do, or when the school year is over and you got the grades you were aiming for. Or you could plan a vacation. Just have something to keep you motivated to keep going.

About the Author: Faith is a writer, director, photographer, and lover of dogs. If you’d like to read more of Faith’s writing, check out her work in the Bucks County Courier Times Reality section.