Ultimate Back to School Playlist

Written by Faith Brachelli
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Ultimate Back to School Playlist

Music improves any situation. Let’s be honest, back to school isn’t the most exciting time of the year, but there are some small ways to make it more fun. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, and for your enjoyment, I’ve made the ultimate back to school playlist.

1.End of the Summer- Theory of a Deadman

“It’s the end of the summer, but we’ll see it again so hold on ‘till this moment ‘till the end.”

Sure, the song is a bit upsetting, but it’s true. Summer is almost over, and it’s time to snap back to reality.

  1. Dog Days are Over- Florence + The Machines

“Happiness hit her like a train on a track. Coming towards her, stuck still no turning back.”

Thankfully, the dog days (hottest days) are almost over with. The whole 95 degree heat gets pretty tiring pretty quick.

  1. Under Pressure- David Bowie, Queen

“Under pressure that brings a building down, splits a family in two. Puts people on streets.”

It’s a classic, and it’s extremely relatable during your high school years. There’s a lot of pressure on you from pretty much everyone. It’s good to know that David Bowie and Queen know how you’re feeling.

  1. When You Were Young- The Killers

“Can we climb this mountain, I don’t know. Higher now than ever before. I know we can make it if we take it slow, let’s take it easy.”

Didn’t expect to see this song on here, did you? This song is a great example of how sometimes, things may not go as you planned, but in the end, everything will be alright.

  1. Cool Kids- Ecosmith

“I wish that I could be like the cool kids, ‘cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.”

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Everyone, at one point or another, has wanted to be part of a clique and feel like they belong with a group of people.

  1. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – The Beatles

“Ob la di ob la da, life goes on bra la la how the life goes on.”

A classic with a great message. Life goes on. Go ahead and sing the song real loud, you’ll feel liberated.

  1. ABC- The Jackson Five

“Reading, writing and arithmetic are the branches of the learning tree. But without the roots of love every day, girl, your education ain’t complete.”

School should be one of, if not the most important thing in your life right now. However, there’s more to life than school.

  1. The Freshman- The Verve Pipe

“For the life of me, I cannot remember what made us think that we were wise and we’d never compromise.”

You don’t realize how little you knew as a freshman until you’re older. As a freshman, you think you know everything, but as time goes on, you realize how sadly mistaken you were.

  1. Beautiful Day- U2

“It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it get away.”

If you wake up every morning with this mentality, you’ll be a happier person, trust me.

  1. Thnks fr th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy

“Been looking forward to the future, but my eyesight is going bad. And this crystal ball is always cloudy except for when you look into the past.”

Nobody knows what the future holds. You can hope, and plan, and try your hardest, but sometimes things take longer than planned and you hit a few road blocks. Do what you gotta do, but make you you do fun things, and make awesome memories along the way!

  1. Survivor- Destiny’s Child

“I’m a survivor. I’m not gon’ give up. I’m not gon’ stop. I’m gon’ work harder.”

This one is for when the school year is finally over, and you’re shocked you made it through alive.

  1. Don’t You (Forget About Me)- Simple Minds

“Will you recognize me? Call my name or walk on by?”

This song is from one of the most iconic high school movies ever made, so of course it had to be included. It’s all about making an impact, and hoping you’re not forgotten.

  1. We’re All In This Together- High School Musical

“We’ve arrived because we stuck together. Champions one and all.”

Think of high school like a team sport. Your team (or support system) makes all the difference.

About the Author: Faith is a writer, director, photographer, and lover of dogs. If you’d like to read more of Faith’s writing, check out her work in the Bucks County Courier Times Reality section.