Personal Statement

Nick loves teaching math and has 20 years of experience as a middle school educator. He believes that all students can learn math at a high level. He focuses on teaching students that math is about understanding big ideas and concepts rather than just memorization of skills and facts. Working with middle school students, he also has experience with improving their study skills and organization and building their capacity for self-advocacy. He works to create an environment where students feel safe to take academic risks and let their thoughts and ideas be heard. In addition to his life in the classroom, Nick loves playing volleyball and cooking.

I believe in building relationships with my students. They need to know that I am invested in them as people and not just as students in my class. I do this through casual conversation before and after class and through supporting them in class if they are struggling with a concept. My students know they can always see me during homeroom or break if they need extra support. I also believe class time should be used to actively engage students. Whether through conversation with a partner or collaborative problem-solving exercises, students are active rather than passive learners. I relate mathematics to everyday life.

In Person and Online Tutoring

Experienced Teacher and Mentor

Masters Degree

  • M.Ed, Middle School Education – Widener University – 2012
  • B.S in Commerce, Finance – Santa Clara University – 1998
  • ACT Math
  • Algebra
  • Elementary Math
  • Elementary Tutoring
  • Geometry
  • ISEE Math
  • ISEE Reading and Writing
  • SAT Math
  • SSAT Math
  • Study Skills
  • Subject Test Prep