River, Ph.D.

Personal Statement

River is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and has lived in the United States for several years after obtaining her Ph. D. in Sino-American History in 2007. River grew up in Beijing, and has also lived in Hong Kong for almost ten years. Naturally, River speaks standard Mandarin Chinese as well as fluent Cantonese. She has also received the Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from UC Berkeley and through years of teaching, she has established insight in teaching Chinese language and culture to learners at all levels. River previously taught at Head-Royce School in California and served as a research fellow at the Hong Kong Institute of Education and at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She now teaches AP Chinese at a nationally ranked high school in northern NJ. Throughout her studies, River has earned recognition for her academic achievements. In addition, River has published two academic monographs and numerous papers on Chinese history and culture, presented workshops on Chinese teaching, and completed several projects on Chinese social studies.

In Person and Online Tutoring

Experienced Teacher and Mentor


  • Ph. D., Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • B. S., M. Phil., Peking University
  • AP Mandarin Chinese
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Writing
  • Ph. D., Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Excellence in Teaching

“…With the help of River, I have seen remarkable results of improvement from my diagnostic score to recent practice scores.”

Satisfied Student

“…You have made a difference in the life of a young man – who was incredibly scared and who didn’t know if he could do it. Whatever grade our son ends up with, know that you have made a difference and that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.”

Satisfied Parent