Personal Statement

As a lifelong language-teaching professional, Suzanne knows how to guide her students to achieve personal excellence…while making sure they enjoy the journey! As a test prep verbal tutor, she helps the college-bound to jump points with “skill and strategy” coaching; as an academic language arts tutor, she teaches the “tools and techniques” of effective communication; and as an ESL instructor, she cultivates “confident competence” so her students thrive in their new language. Suzanne balances her two roles as a corporate language trainer—ESL, Business English, and French—and as a local mother/tutor who has guest taught at New Providence High School and worked with local students in verbal test prep for 15 years. She graduated Millburn High in 1976, and then went on to Oberlin College and the Sorbonne-Paris to earn a B.A. in Applied Linguistics. She received a CELTA in 2011 and an online instruction certificate from WizIQ in 2014. Having lived in France for two years, she is bilingual French-English and has studied Spanish, German and Japanese. Suzanne just plain loves language. And she makes sure her students do, too.

In Person and Online Tutoring


Experienced Teacher and Mentor


  • Oberlin College B.A., Sorbonne, Paris
  • ACT English/ Reading/ Writing
  • ACT Science
  • AP English
  • College Essay Writing
  • English
  • ESL
  • GRE English & Reading
  • ISEE Reading & Writing
  • Online Tutoring
  • Reading
  • SAT English/ Reading/ Writing
  • SSAT English & Reading
  • Subject Test Prep
  • Writing

“…Suzanne is the teacher you always wanted but never got in high school. Suzanne is the real deal. One expects a tutor to know the topic, but she goes beyond that and anticipates what you need to learn. She brings fun and logic to every lesson so you can begin to understand the grammar and speak the language. Most important, she makes it easy to want to learn. You won’t be disappointed.”

Satisfied Student

“…Great Tutor – Great Results! Suzanne is a wonderful teacher. She has made amazing progress with my daughter (high school junior) in just a few short months. When we contacted Suzanne in December, we were dealing with C’s, D’s and F’s. Since then, she has brought her grades up to a B for the 2nd marking period and just recently received a B+ for the 3rd marking period! Suzanne is outstanding!”

Satisfied Parent

“…Suzanne is a great English tutor. Her special talent, remarkable empathy and deep understanding is a unique trifecta of skills. I have benefited a lot from her; not only have my language skills improved but I’ve also learned much about the culture. She is bold and different. Not one of my mistakes goes uncorrected, via. text, email or in person. She is also an amazing tutor for my 16-year-old daughter, since she can go from teaching the SAT to Shakespeare and even Spanish. My daughter truly loves her.”

Satisfied Parent