Personal Statement

Tricia is a dynamic high school Spanish teacher with over twenty years of experience in both public and private schools. Tricia’s classes are student-centered and she strives to engage her students in their learning. She stresses a communicative skills based approach and she keeps learning relevant and interesting by using authentic material and realia in her lessons. Tricia believes technology can enhance student learning and is a useful tool to help reach students with different learning styles. Tricia approaches grammar lessons diagnostically and grounds her lessons by asking: “what do students need to be able to write and speak with proficiency and accuracy?” Tricia enjoys the challenge of helping students figure out tough or tricky grammar rules and scaffolds her teaching so that students can build a solid foundation of skills and content. In 2009 Tricia was awarded the Sarah Porter Excellence in Teaching Award from Miss Porter’s School where she worked for twelve years. Tricia graduated from Providence college with a degree in Modern Languages. She studied in Spain as a college student and has traveled to several Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. Most recently she spent a month volunteering at an NGO in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

In Person and Online Tutoring


Experienced Teacher and Mentor


Masters Degree


  • Graduate work in Spanish Literature, University of Connecticut
  • BA – Providence College
  • AP Spanish
  • Online Tutoring
  • Spanish
  • Subject Test Prep
  • Sarah Porter Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Miss Porter’s School

“… my Spanish, both written and oral, improved so much throughout the course of the year. At the beginning of the class I was very weary about writing in Spanish but by the end it practically felt like writing in English. I also grew a lot more comfortable speaking casually in Spanish, when I didn’t plan out and memorize every word. Overall, I also got used to taking risks and participating even when I didn’t feel confident about the subject or how to phrase my ideas in Spanish.”

Satisfied Student

“… of the relaxed nature of the class and honestly her confidence that we would be ready for the exam. I never felt like I was thrown into anything I was not prepared for all year long, and the amount of practice we did made me really prepared for the AP exam.”

Satisfied Student

“… this class really pushed me out of my comfort zone by speaking, giving impromptu presentations and writing assignments. These difficult tasks helped me improve my Spanish skills drastically. In addition, I better learned how to prioritize my tasks for homework.”

Satisfied Student

“… class was always very engaging so I was constantly forced to think in new ways and speak in class. I expanded my knowledge of a wide range of subjects and vocabulary.”

Satisfied Student