Embrace ACT/ SAT Combined Small Group Prep Class

The Embrace ACT/ SAT Combined Small Group Prep Class is a unique introductory course for those students looking to become familiar with the ACT and SAT. The course is taught by experienced Embrace Educators and utilizes 1) authentic practice tests from the ACT and SAT 2) supplemental worksheets targeting specific concepts and 3) online quizzes. The ACT/ SAT Prep Course will strengthen the student’s understanding and provide an overview:

  • general review and foundation of core content
  • format and structure of the ACT and SAT
  • test taking strategies
  • key differences between the tests
  • emphasis on study habits
  • timing and approach to each section
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Class Calendar

SectionMonthDates Days and TimesPrice
October10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22Sundays 4 pm - 8 pm
November10/29, 11/5, 11/12, 11/19Sundays 4 pm - 8 pm
January1/7, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28Sundays 4 pm - 8 pm
February2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25Sundays 4 pm - 8 pm
March3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25Sundays 4 pm - 8 pm
April4/1, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22Sundays 4 pm - 8 pm

Embrace Class Instructors

Embrace recognizes that each student’s skill-set and needs are different. For this reason, we only hire talented, experienced educators who have the power to motivate, inspire, and even instill a love of learning! Our educators are highly qualified classroom teachers who share our philosophy that for optimum learning to occur, students need to take ownership of the process and embrace and engage in order to excel.

Course Features

  • Master educator(s)
  • 16 hours of intensive prep covering the foundations of the ACT and SAT
  • Introduction to content review and test taking strategies
  • Small group learning environment (avg. 8 students)
  • Embrace curriculum checklist and study guide
  • Multiple diagnostic exams
  • Additional supplemental materials and practice worksheets
  • Free consultation for post-class academic plan
  • Access to informational content emails
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Content AreaSample Topics
Problem Solving and Data InterpretationAverages, percent of a number, part/whole relationships, percents, ratios, rates, probability, proportions, dimensional analysis, median/ mode/ mean, strong/weak/positive/negative correlation, controlled experiments, studies, surveys, and data graphics.
Algebra I and IIAbsolute value, simplifying, distributive property, equations, factoring, fractions, expressions, systems of equations, inequalities, elimination method, substitution method, slope, parallel lines, slope-intercept form, graphs of equations, graphs of inequalities, and linear models.
Introduction to Advanced MathEquations with fractions, exponents, radicals, evaluating functions, compound functions, quadratic formulas, and completing the square
Geometry and Introduction to TrigonometryAngles, lines, midpoints, right triangles, Pythagorean theorem, similar triangles, circles, area of sector, length of arc, center-radius equation, completing the square, SOHCAHTOA, complementary angle identities, and degrees and radians.
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ACT/SAT Writing, Language, and Essay Preparation

Content AreaSample Topics
Grammar and UsageParts of speech, agreement, possessives, sentences and fragments, punctuation, parallelism, word use (diction), and word placement
StrategyAddition/deletion of words, phrases, and paragraphs, clarity and concision, necessary and unnecessary information, summary, and topic specifics
Organization and StylePlacement of sentences and paragraphs, transitions, idiomatic language, and redundancy
Click here for ACT/SAT Reading Course Content

ACT/SAT Reading

Content AreaSample Topics
Reading ComprehensionAuthor’s intention in writing, theme, character development, evidence, implication, inference, literary devices, passage comparison, plot, tone, and vocabulary
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ACT/SAT Scientific Analysis

Content AreaSample Topics
Scientific AnalysisSynthesis & development, evidence-based reading, data interpretation, graphical analysis, and developing patterns and relationships

Embrace Tutoring is proud of the work we do with our students. Our students have been accepted to the top 100 universities nationwide!

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Before the Class

Prior to the class, students are recommended to take a fully proctored Embrace Diagnostic in an authentic testing environment. Students, parents, and Embrace instructors will then receive

  1. complete analysis of each section
  2. hard-copy of the diagnostic test
  3. answer key
  4. full question by question breakdown.

If schedule conflicts arise, Pre-ACTs and PSAT scores are able to be utilized in place of the Embrace Diagnostic.

After the Class

After completing the ACT/ SAT Small Group Prep, it is highly encouraged for students to then enroll in Embrace’s customized private tutoring to better identify personal strengths and weaknesses working with experienced educators. All packages allow families to transfer hours between subjects and siblings and tutors travel to your home or a mutually agreed upon location. Pricing varies depending on:

  • the initial package and bulk hours purchased
  • location
  • student accommodations
  • other factors such as grade level

Upcoming ACT/ SAT/ ISEE/ SSAT Diagnostics

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Who should take this course?
  • Students who find a welcoming yet rigorous small group environment rewarding.
  • The small group intensive prep classes are best for those students seeking an introduction to the content and strategies covered on ACT & SAT. Free consultations are available upon request.
  • For optimum results, we strongly recommend for students to participate in 12 – 30 hours of private tutoring following the intensive prep classes to review individual strengths and weaknesses.
What features are provided with this course?
  • Master educator(s)
  • 16 hours of intensive prep covering the foundations of the ACT and SAT
  • Introduction to content review and test taking strategies
  • Small group learning environment (avg. 8 students)
  • Embrace curriculum checklist and study guide
  • Multiple diagnostic exams
  • Additional supplemental materials and practice worksheets
  • Free consultation for post-class academic plan
  • Access to informational content emails
What is covered in an Embrace Intensive Prep Course?

Each ACT/ SAT Embrace intensive prep course covers a basic content review of all subject matter, practice problems, and test taking strategies for the tests. Additional books, online learning resources, and supplemental worksheets are provided.

How much work outside of the classroom is expected on a weekly basis?

In order for our students to demonstrate the most growth, we encourage our students to commit to the program and give an honest 30 – 45 minutes each evening focusing on areas of strengths and weaknesses. We welcome the students to reach out and ask questions to their instructors or Embrace Staff if they become unclear on a specific question or subject matter.

What should students bring to class?

All students are expected to bring appropriate study materials (course books, pen/pencil, notebook, calculator, etc) and be respectful of others at all times while at the Embrace facility. Students are welcome to bring snacks and refreshments.

What is the total cost of the course?

The total cost of each ACT/ SAT intensive prep class is $495 + $95 materials cost. We do offer several promotional packages and discounts.

What is the total time for small group intensive prep?

The total time in each ACT/ SAT Prep Class is 16 hours (4 hours over 4 Sundays) during the school year.

What does Embrace mean by 'experienced teacher'?

We mean that ALL of our educators are experienced classroom teachers who are considered masters of their subject matter and have a record of proven success! While most companies may hire part-time ‘tutors’ such as graduate students or individuals that have never worked in a school setting, 100% of Embrace educators have at least 3 years of teaching experience. Embrace is dedicated to screening, recruiting, and selecting only highly qualified and proven teachers to meet our students’ academic and personal needs.

How large are the class sizes?

The average size for the small group classes is 8 students.

Do you offer make up sessions? What happens if I have a schedule conflict with the class calendar?

While we highly encourage for students to participate in all of the intensive prep sessions to achieve a maximum score, we at Embrace empathize that students may have a schedule conflict. Because of this, we offer the students the option to attend a later class session.

How do I enroll in the ACT/ SAT Embrace Intensive Prep Course?
  1. Research which ACT/ SAT intensive prep course you wish to participate.
  2. Complete Contact Sheet found online.
  3. Provide or take initial diagnostic and create an academic plan with Embrace Staff.
  4. Verify Payment Package with Embrace Staff.
  5. Begin intensive prep course and monitor progress.