Can private tutors improve exam results? The Economic and Social Research Council at the Institute of Education, University of London says yes. A survey of more than 300 students showed private tutors could help exam results increase by one grade.

Private tutors can help students prepare for exams in a number of ways. As we learn more and more about the process of learning itself and what distinguishes the best students and learners, we come to appreciate the role of a private tutor. It isn’t just about covering the right material and helping directly with learning the material. The role of a private tutor is to motivate the student to learn. Private tutors help students express themselves in an education system that is ever increasing in complexity and a world that is becoming competitive by the day.

Tutors can help shape a student’s life and help them choose a direction in life. The benefits of tutoring goes above and beyond the immediate learning process, although that is a central part of tutoring too. Regular sessions with the right tutors can help the student define his future career choices and imbibe in her a love for the subject.If you are looking for SAT Tutoring NJ look into Embrace Tutoring.

Private tutors are also extremely important for students who are introverts and don’t feel comfortable asking questions in class. These students don’t speak out in class, but are every bit as motivated to learn. They need someone to encourage their creativity who also understands that they find it hard to speak and ask questions in large groups.

In fact, both introverted and extroverted students tend to feel more comfortable on a one to one setting than in a big group. It is not uncommon for teenagers to feel shy asking questions in class or they could be conscious of what they speak, fearing to appear stupid in front of their friends. With a private tutor, such boundaries don’t exist and therefore the student is better able to learn, grasp and understand the subject.

Some students lack motivation and thus need a personal setting not only to help them learn but also to motivate them to learn. Different students have different needs and teachers can only do so much in a class that has scores of others. Students are therefore best served when someone can devote the time and effort to understand the needs of individual students, study what motivates them and what the best learning tools for a particular student are employ those.