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Admission to college is about more than just getting accepted. It’s a process that will guide you when making decisions about your college life, the career you want, the person you want to be. Anne will guide you through every step of the application process and will work with you until your application is excellent. Anne has been an Admissions Officer and worked as a College Specialist for over 20 years. Anne believes that every student, regardless of experience or confidence, can write an essay that stands out. Your essays alone won’t get you admitted to your first choice college but they will get the reader to slow down and take a second look at everything else you’ve done. Anne will help you break down the application process into manageable steps and her experience on both sides of the admissions process means she understands what universities are looking when considering prospective students. Anne’s students have been admitted to Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Johns Hopkins, USC, Northwestern, Stanford, Princeton, Tufts, to name a few. There’s a best fit college for every student; Anne will work with you to find your fit while minimizing the stress during the application process. Anne has taught college English Literature, Freshman Composition and run college workshops on Time Management, Reading Comprehension, Study Skills, and Applying to Grad School. She’s worked as the Director of the Writing Center at UC Santa Barbara, and served on committees for The Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Churchill, & Gates Scholarships. Anne currently works with undergraduates and grad students at Stanford, UCLA, Columbia, and CU Boulder.


MA     Masters in English Literature, Mills College

BA      College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara



College Advising
Admissions Advising
College Application Essay Editing
Essay Editing

Awards and Recognitions

College Specialist Grant, Aspire Schools, 2014-2018

Small Business Influencer Award, 2017, Egghead Academics College Counseling

Admission Reader Certification 2012-2018  University of California

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence, University of California, Santa Barbara


“Anne was the ideal college counselor for my daughter. She understands how to work with teens. She helped my daughter refine the schools that matched her interests. Illustrating her holistic approach to the application process, she encouraged my daughter to list out her activities and awards in a way that was clear and compelling. So, where did I see Anne's effort shine the most? It was with her guidance with the process of essay writing. Most importantly, Anne helped project my daughter's voice in her essay.  Amazingly, my daughter got accepted to 18/20 schools and ended up choosing Stanford. ”- Kim C


“My daughter applied to 17 schools and was accepted to 15. She was awarded a Regent’s Fellowship to UC Berkeley. I attribute my daughter’s application success to Anne, especially in regards to helping her craft and refine her essays. I have to say, she was a complete joy to work with.  -Mary L


“Anne is so kind and patient! Although my son had very good grades I was concerned about his lack of focus when applying to colleges. Anne was always available and he said he loved working with her. She took all the stress out of the process; her help was invaluable! His essay was terrific; I was surprised at how well it turned out. He got into all his schools except four and ended up at NYU.” - Kate R


My son really wanted to get into Yale and when he was turned down for Early Decision he was heartbroken. Anne helped him move forward and together they worked on refining his application. Imagine our surprise when he was accepted to Harvard! - Deborah M

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