College Admissions Advising

Confused about the When, Where, What, and How as it relates to the college preparation and application process? The application period is one of the busiest times in a student’s life, often fraught with confusion, stress, and anxiety. A college advisor can help students manage some of the time and emotional pressures so that it is a more manageable process, increasing the chances for a more positive outcome.

Choosing the “right” college is one of the most important decisions in a student’s life. Ideally, students and families should begin the exploration process at the beginning of high school, not at the start of senior year. However, whatever stage you are in, an Embrace advisor can provide expertise and professional guidance so that your student submits an application which best highlights his or her interests and achievements.

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Comprehensive College Planning and Application Service

Time may be used for these services depending upon the student's needs:
  • Advice and counsel on college application process
  • Athletic recruitment consideration
  • High school course selection and curriculum consideration
  • Consideration of testing requirements i.e. ACT, SAT, APs
  • High school course selection and curriculum consideration
  • Preparation of arts supplements (addendum to college application)
  • College application goals
  • Creation of College Application account and completion of application
  • Formulation of college list and consideration of early decision options
  • Special education and support
  • Interview preparation (as needed):
    • Mock Interview practice
    • Preparation of questions
    • Tips, thoughts, and constructive criticism provided
  • Drafting, editing, and completion of essays for up to 10 colleges which may include:
    • Common Application personal statement essay
    • Common Application activity essay
    • College supplement essays
    • Non-Common Application college essays
    • Completion of personal resume (draft, editing, and completion)
    • Upload of documents
    • Successful submission of applications

Embrace College Advisors

Our college advisors all have over a decade of experience in the fields of admissions and college advising, bringing valuable insight to the college application process for students and their families. They have the unique skills and knowledge to guide students through the entire application process, including course selection, test requirements, essay preparation, considerations for early and regular decisions, interview preparation, and the final decision making process.

Comprehensive College Planning and Application Service

  • Explanation of the application process, testing requirements, and timing
  • Selection of the appropriate institutions
  • Essay preparation and revisions
  • Submission of application and other required materials
  • Overview and practice interviews
  • Resume preparation