ACT/SAT Classes

ACT & SAT Intensive Prep Classes

Our ACT & SAT Prep Classes are engaging, structured, and taught by the most experienced Test Prep Educators. All instructors have thousands of hours of teaching experience and are masters of their craft.

Our ACT & SAT Prep Classes are engaging, structured, and taught by the most experienced Test Prep Educators. All instructors have thousands of hours of teaching experience and are masters of their craft.

  • Through our Embrace Model, our students have thrived and averaged a 270 point increase on the SAT and 6 point increase on the ACT.
  • We’ve worked with dozens of students over the years who have tested in the top 99th PERCENTILE and have been selected to their TOP choice schools.
  • Complete analysis of each section
  • Practice tests provided
  • Content review and timing strategies
  • Materials included
  • Syllabus and post-class study plan

Our program has become so successful that Embrace is proud to be the official Test Prep Provider to OVER 20 DIFFERENT schools, programs, and nonprofits including Red Bull, Conwell Egan Catholic High School, Rutgers University, Young Scholars Institute, the TEAK Fellowship of NYC, and more.

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Have Questions?
Contact or call 908-255-5647 to speak to an Embrace Staff Member.

Class Format

  • 8 - 10 hours of intensive IN PERSON Prep or LIVE Virtual Prep via ZOOM
  • 4 sessions per class section (Sept. - May); 5 sessions per class (Aug.)
  • Structured homework and curriculum
  • Access to ongoing proctored practice tests


  • Master all necessary content, timing, and test-taking strategies
  • Practice all sections of the test
  • Complete 4 full-length practice tests
  • Improve overall study habits
  • Identify and reflect on strengths and areas of development

Embrace Method

  • Students will become familiar with the terms and concepts associated with the ACT and SAT
  • Students will demonstrate their grasp of skills and strategies on practice tests, independent essay writing, and class participation
  • Students will develop mastery of conventional language usage, college-level writing skills, and advanced reading comprehension, competence
  • Students will develop advanced problem solving skills related to mathematical reasoning, reading comprehension, and graphical interpretation and analysis

Class Structure

  • Students participate in proctored Embrace Diagnostics (in person or online) and are provided a baseline score and targeted areas of improvement
  • Prior to class, students are provided with class materials and electronic resources
  • During the sessions, instructors will review essential strategies and fundamental concepts. Sessions are lecture based working through various sample problems and passages in independent and small group settings.
  • Students are provided structured homework and additional resources after each session. Parents are notified of all homework assignments and announcements.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in ongoing practice tests and online review (bonus) sessions.


Students will receive SAT textbook, Strategy Packets, 300+ page categorized Math Question Packet, and Reading/ Writing and Language Strategy Packets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Have The Classes Been So Successful?
Outside of offering a detailed review of the structure and format of the test, our expert teachers focus on developing essential study habits and teaching our students HOW TO TARGET AREAS OF GREATEST IMPROVEMENT. 

What if I miss a class?
We understand things come up. If missing a class, we encourage our students to contact their instructors in advance. For virtual sessions, students will be sent the class recordings from that lesson (week). For in-person classes, students are welcome to attend classes later in the week if approved by the Embrace Staff. Weekly classes will run parallel. 

Who Should Take This Class?
Ideally, these classes are perfect for students who are hoping to improve their overall understanding, confidence, and approach to the ACT and/or SAT. Given the ACT and SAT require a fair amount of fundamental concepts (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Punctuations and Grammar, Reading Comprehension, etc.), students who benefit the most from these classes generally average between 950 - 1400 on the SAT and 20 - 27 ACT. For students scoring higher or lower, we suggest speaking with our staff to set up personalized private tutoring.

Can Students Take Multiple SAT or ACT Classes?
Yes! Our classes intentionally utilize different practice tests in the event students would like to repeat classes month to month.

What is the Cost of the Course(s)?
The cost of each September - May session is $495 for 8 hours of Intensive Prep. The cost for each August Summer Session is $595 for 10 hours of intensive prep. However, understanding our students thrive when supported by their peers, we offer a $25 discount to EACH family when ENROLLING WITH A FRIEND. 
Full payment for the course is due at registration.

Join the EMBRACE Masters Club

Students who score a 270 point improvement from their initial P/SAT or 6 points from their initial ACT will receive 1 free hour of college advising.

Class Schedules

  • Price September - May Session(s): $495 per session 
  • Price Summer August Session(s): $595 per session
  • Location: In person; seats are limited to provide more personalized instruction
  • Hours: 8 hours of instruction (Sept. - May) or 10 hours of instruction (August)
  • Chatham Address: 466 Southern Blvd., Chatham, NJ 07928
  • Princeton Address: 707 Alexander Road, Princeton, NJ Office 208
  • During the class section, students have the ability to participate in online or in-person proctored practice tests

Summer SAT Prep Classes

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Contact or call 908-255-5647 to speak to an Embrace Staff Member.