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Originally from the Philadelphia suburbs, Ben moved to Washington DC to pursue a career in politics. In the past year, he’s worked for a member of the US House of Representatives and a US senator. Ben’s a proud graduate of the University of Delaware and the University of Maryland. He holds a master’s degree in government and politics and a bachelor’s degree in history and political science. Ben started tutoring in 2013. As a graduate student, he taught at the college level from 2015-2018. For three semesters, Ben taught US Congress to upperclassmen. He also taught political theory, pre-law, and introduction to American government. Previously a professional grant writer for a non-profit organization, Ben has writing and editing experience. Ben knows every student is unique; he sees individualized instruction as an extraordinary opportunity to identify and address each student’s specific needs. Ben keeps students engaged and invested by employing an interactive style. He asks questions and encourages students to utilize their own life experiences in approaching academic assignments. To illustrate concepts that are difficult to grasp, Ben uses real-life examples that students find relatable. Ben emphasizes the development of core skills that can be applied in a variety of disciplines. A student who can articulate complex ideas with clarity and concision, for instance, is well-positioned to excel academically and professionally. Ben specializes in American history, political science, US government, editing, and essay writing. Ben’s a huge Philly sports fan. When he’s not watching sports or on a Zoom call with family and friends — Ben enjoys reading a good book and listening to podcasts.


  • Masters degree - Government and Politics - University of Maryland - 2018

  • Bachelors degree - History and Political Science - University of Delaware - 2015


Essay Editing
World History
AP United States History
US History
Elementary Studies

Awards and Recognitions


  • “Ben was great! He was responsive to students' questions and gave prompt feedback. He talked through concerns about exams and debriefed afterwards so that the entire process was transparent. He was friendly and created a great environment...”

  • “He was great, walked me through the questions, and he gave me a nice history lesson. I enjoyed learning from him.”

  • “It's obvious to all that he worked very hard preparing each day...and never came unprepared. He arrived with detailed answers in writing to each question along with direct quotes from relevant texts...I appreciate this level of preparedness!”

  • “Ben covered all the reading material well with students…and was eager to answer questions. He was very knowledgeable about the topics and fairly represented that information. I would not have stayed in the course if it weren’t for him. Would highly recommend him to other students!”

  • “Teaching style was amazing. Considered to be heaven on earth. Very effective. Needs to be a professor because he is fantastic.”

  • “Ben shows a great deal of respect towards everyone he interacts with. He has never been sarcastic, condescending, or unapproachable. His willingness to go above and beyond and for his students was unprecedented in my experience. For a class that is do dense with political theory, having someone like Ben was a huge asset…if you read this, thank you so much.”

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