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My name is Matt Lora and I enjoy helping students with math! My biggest strength as a tutor/teacher is the ability to show how to solve math problems multiple ways if the "classroom way" is not working. Not only am I able to show multiple ways of unraveling the solutions to various problems, but I am able to deliver and share my understanding efficiently and effectively to anyone who has listening ears. Another main reason why I have experienced success as a teacher/tutor/mentor/author is because I emphatically believe that one learns by simply "doing the work" manually. I have learned many simple lessons in my twenty years of teaching. Talking and speaking are simple, but they are imperative tools that I encourage my students to use as they learn any discipline in mathematics. My students will always be expected to work out problems and use their own voice when I instruct them. In the end, my students feel empowered, more confident, and not afraid to learn new things. And that is the joy that I receive as their personal teacher/tutor!


  • B.A. in Mathematics (Bluffton University - 2000)

  • Masters in Education (Bluffton University - 2006)


GRE Math
Test Prep
Elementary Math
SAT Math
Algebra 2
Elementary Studies
Algebra 1
ACT Math

Awards and Recognitions

  • Shawnee Optimist Club's Educator of the Year-2017


  • Matt has been an excellent Algebra 2 tutor for our son. Our son has always felt defeated in math. He has worked with several tutors but has never taken the challenge and mastered learning any version of it. When he started working with Matt, he was already half way through the semester and had a D in the class. After working with Matt 1-2 times a week, he got an 85 on his final and retook the test he got a 53 on and scored a 95! He ended up with a B in Algebra 2 and feels so much more confident! Now he is aiming to score even better this semester! He finally feels like he can do math! He is even tutoring his sister now in Algebra1. Matt is patient, consistent, and thorough with his methods of teaching. He does not belittle but instead encourages. We appreciate him so much! -Kathryn M.

  • I highly recommend Matt as a math tutor and teacher. He taught all three of my boys at Shawnee high school in different math classes. He also tutored them privately. He is a fantastic teacher and person. My kids always came back from his class or tutoring feeling so much better about the material they needed to know for their math class, quiz or test. I recommend Mr. Lora for tutoring, as a teacher, and to help with preparation for ACT, SAT, or any prep needed for math education. - Robin B

  • Matt has been tutoring my daughter for the last year. He's a very good instructor, very liked by his students. He's very organized and punctual. He enjoys teaching and tries his best in order for his students to succeed. His ACT preparation was very helpful to my daughter. Her ACT math score went up by 5 points because of him. -Solomon B.

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