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Milos is currently finishing his PhD in Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology. Throughout his education he focused on theoretical physics, teaching and research. His research topics include radiation transfer, atmospheric physics and optics. His recently published paper reflects his success in research and academic career. Milos and his family has a long tradition of involvement with teaching and pedagogy. He started teaching during his Bachelor studies and have been doing it since. He has taught recitations, laboratory classes, seminars and delivered substitute lectures for professors at university level. Currently he is educating at Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) where he taught several different subjects, including general physics, mechanics, electromagnetism and experimental-laboratory classes. Milos’ teaching philosophy includes open mindedness, positive attitude, equal chances, high expectations and encouraging the students to always ask questions. “Education should be encouraging, relevant to the students’ lives, intellectually challenging and should be designed to bring out the maximum potential from the students.” Milos is especially effective at personalizing teaching and helping to achieve the student’s goal, even if it is at the highest level. He is great at assessing the students’ dynamic and presenting theories or problems with a variety of illustrations. “Each student is dynamically different, but incorporating different teaching tools and strategies can engage, motivate and activate them. I always strive to bring my maximum to the classrooms as I believe I owe this to my students.” With Milos’ background and teaching experience he can provide world class education in physics and math at different levels and courses.


  • PhD in Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology (2018-present)

  • MSc. in Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology (2018)


AP Physics (Algebra Based)
AP Calculus AB
Algebra 2
Algebra 1
ACT Math

Awards and Recognitions

  • Full Scholarship at Stevens Institute of Technology-2017

  • Scholarship at Eotvos Lorand Science University-2005

  • Special recognition at TUDOK-2007


  • "Most of my learning in this course was thanks to him." - Proud Student

  • "His ability to recall the concepts and all me through guided-practice problems really helped to build my confidence. Thank you Milos!" - Proud Student

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