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Theodore became a teacher and tutor because he loved being a Dad. He raised three fantastic children through every stage to adulthood, including college and graduate school admissions. Working with young people and seeing the expressions on their faces when they understand a new concept makes his day. He likes to meet a student where they are and describe a mathematical idea the way that he believes they would best receive it. One of his greatest skills is breaking down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand pieces. He is calm & patient, and most of all wants students to feel comfortable with math. Learning should be fun! To him, a key reason for a strong mathematical education is that math teaches critical thinking skills. Every decision and problem to be solved in life requires understanding the givens (constants), the things that may change based up your inputs (variables), and a solid familiarity with a variety of strategies (formulas.) He studied Mathematics at Cornell University, has been tutoring for thirty years, and teaching for fifteen, including five online! Give him a shout to talk about what you seek and see if he can help you reach it.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics - Cornell University 1983


SAT Math
Elementary Studies
Algebra 2
Algebra 1
ACT Math

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  • Our family highly recommends Theodore for math tutoring and support. He and my son Calvin worked together for almost two years. He encouraged Calvin’s interest in math outside of school and increased his confidence in his math abilities. Additionally, he helped get him through the self-directed pre-algebra course required by the Stowe school district to move ahead to advanced math in high school. Theodore communicated with Calvin about what he needed and prepared lessons to fit the circumstances. Calvin says that Theodore made working on math interesting and fun. He definitely teaches to what the individual student needs, rather than following a set curriculum. This flexibility appealed to Calvin and he felt that Theodore listened to him and they worked together on his math goals. He is a nice, friendly teacher who balanced good conversation with making academic progress. His approached worked well with my son’s learning style.

  • He has a great demeanor that is "Let’s get down to work" but at the same time, he brings an energy that makes the session interesting for my son. Theodore is very knowledgeable in all math-related subjects and SAT testing processes.

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