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Virginia likes to refer to herself as a “velvet hammer”, kind and gracious on the outside but firm with expectations and adherence to deadlines. She graduated cum laude from Princeton with a BA in political science and a minor in architecture. Her studies continued at Columbia where she graduated magna cum laude with a master’s degree in clinical social work. For over fifteen, she has been assisting students in public schools as well at private high schools such as Deerfield and Hotchkiss. Some of her students have been accepted to Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Tulane, University Georgia, and other fine universities. She is a brilliant and kind admission counselor. One of her added values is her knowledge of psychology. She knows how to address emotional and psychological challenges and solve them. This freedom allows her students to become unencumbered, creates more confidence and increases motivation. A must in creating dynamic applications! Applying to college is not just about records and activities and hoping to be chosen. Virginia approaches applications using marketing techniques. She strategizes, creates overall plans and logically creates specific pathways for each student. Choosing LORs are not done randomly, positions and activities are chosen with purpose. Virginia teaches her students the usefulness of “buzz” words admission committees can grasp quickly as they pour through applications. Outside of work, Virginia enjoys designing fine jewelry, renovating houses and international travel such as Nepal.


· Princeton BA Political Science, minor Architecture, cum laude; Columbia - MSW, magna cum laude; Gemological Institure of America (GIA) Graduate Degree Diamonds


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“Virginia has been a great inspiration to my daughter, and the two of them put together exceptional college applications. They left no stone unturned and truly put in 100%. Virginia made sure my daughter always felt supported and responded quickly to every request and often worked above and beyond the traditional norms of a college admission consultant. She has become more than just a teacher. She has become a trusted friend”

                                  Parent --- Kalsang D


Virginia has a specific formula to help structure essays called 3-2-1 Hook. I was able to use it to highlight events that were unique to me. One of my passions is playing the drums and we were able to highlight that in the activities section with clever verbiage and titling.  …… Student Aaron Suares


Her approach of “marketing” was very helpful, providing us with important presentational strategies in academic honors, sports activities as well as volunteer organizations.  Her emphasis on “titles” translated into great improvement on his college applications pointing out the difference of being a great soccer player and being captain of a great team

She was also very helpful in pointing out the connection between a nurturing home and academic achievement.        Mrs. Sherry C.

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